Angular Momentum Free and Low-Profile Ventilation System

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The SSP (Solid State Pump) Ventilation Systems has a surprisingly low profile of a few millimetres only and generates a high airflow of up to several cubic metres per minutes. The SSP Ventilation Systems are based on a newly developed Bucket Brigade principle and do not use any rotating parts of any kind.

Inside of an SSP Unit the airducts are built in a straight-line (from the air-inlet to the air-outlet) and the inner space is not obstructed by any object (no motor, no propeller). Therefore, foreign objects have little chance of getting jammed inside the airduct, which greatly reduces the risk of unintended system damages.

The SSP Ventilation System is powered with electricity and can be manufactured in almost any size (length). The size defines the air throughput. The user can adjust the system settings to specify the air-throughput, power consumption limits, and the start-up profile.


SSP Ventilation System
SSP Ventilation System