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About Us

The Company Tomorrow’s Motion (TOMO) develops advanced propulsion Technologies like the MCA (Momentum Propulsion Drive and MCA Bucket Brigade Resonance Drives).

Our Mission

TOMO’s mission is to provide propulsion technologies that stops harming our planet and at the same time will increase our freedom of movement to unparalleled limits. Currently TOMO is working on further reducing the physical size of MCA drives and to increase the propulsion efficiency.

The Future

In the future the MCA momentum drives will be used in our cars, commercial planes, to move efficiently and fast on-line ordered goods, and to enable us travelling in space at incredible high speeds. All the MCA Drives needs is electricity.

Our Technology

The technology developed for the MCA Drives evolved to the of Bucket Brigade Resonance Drives. The Bucket Brigade Resonance Drives can be used to build ultra-flat ventilation systems and air-propulsion systems for planes.

TOMO’s technologies and products are invented, developed and patented (or patent pending) by Tomorrow’s Motion GmbH.

Our Technology

Maintenance Free and Low-Profile Ventilation System

Maintenance Free and Low-Profile Ventilation System

The SSP Ventilation Systems have a surprisingly low profile of a few millimetres only and generates a high airflow of up to several cubic metres per minutes. It is based on a newly developed Bucket Brigade principle and do not use any rotating parts of any kind. READ MORE…

Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field Scanner

Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field Scanner

On the push of a button, a three-dimensional image will be taken of the magnetic field lines that surround a large size magnetic field generator (inductor).
This information provides an instant understanding of the physical dimension and strength of a magnetic field structure from an electric powered coil. READ MORE…

Emission Free Propulsion Drives

Emission Free Propulsion Drives

An MCA Drive is used to propel (move forward) objects that float on water, are gliding or flying in air, or satellites in space.

Depending on the propulsion force needed an MCA Propulsion Unit can be manufactured in almost any dimensions (from matchbox size to container size).  READ MORE…

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10. – 12.05.2022, Nürnberg, Germany

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