What is MCA?

MCA stands for Magnetic Cloud Acceleration and is a revolutionary technology that will replace traditional combustion engines, electric motors in cars, jet engines in planes, or the engines in a marine vessel. An MCA drive (engine) will be used to transport people and goods more cost effectively and is very environmentally friendly.

The SSP Ventilation System is powered with electricity and can be manufactured in almost any size (length). The size defines the air throughput. The user can adjust the system settings to specify the air-throughput, power consumption limits, and the start-up profile.

What does MCA do?

The MCA technology allows us to build engines that have no moving parts inside and will propel our cars, planes, ships, and even spaceships in the near future. An MCA engine costs much less and requires less raw material to build than any other engines that have moving parts inside (for example, a combustion engine or a rotary electric motor).

When the development has been completed then one-and-the-same MCA engine (we call it an MCA drive) will move a vessel on the earth’s surface, on the water surface, in the air, and even into orbit around the earth or to distant planets. One MCA drive covers it all.

An MCA drive runs on electricity, electricity that can be generated by wind turbines, solar-voltaic panels, or by hydrogen fuel cells.

As there are no moving parts inside an MCA drive, this type of engine requires almost no maintenance and will not break-down easily (as there is no wear-and-tear).

How does MCA work?

An MCA drive makes use of two physical phenomena:

  • Electrically generated magnetic fields actually have a physical mass, even when very small. We have learnt how to direct the magnetic fields (when generated inside an MCA drive) in a desired direction, and with this create thrust (propulsion forces).
  • The magnetic field generator inside the MCA drive interacts with the mass (weight) of the object the drive is attached to (like a frame structure with its payload). We make use of the naturally occurring phase-delays between the MCA created thrust forces and the momentum forces of the object (payload) that has to be moved forwards.

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