What is SSP?

How does SSP work?

  • Inside an SSP unit is a symmetrically shaped gas channel which has a gas inlet on one side and a gas outlet at the opposite end. Using a Bucket Brigade process, we bring the sidewalls inside the gas channel to vibrate. This vibration makes the gas inside the gas channel move in a desired direction, forwards or backwards.
  • By controlling the vibrations (frequency, intensity, phase-shift), the SSP unit can change the gas speed and the pumped gas volume.
  • There are no rotating parts inside an SSP drive. There are no objects inside the gas channel (no blades, no cylinders, etc) which is why a foreign object that by accident may fall inside an SSP unit will not get stuck.

What is the difference between MCA and SSP (Gas Jet Drives)?

SSP Ventilation System
SSP Ventilation System

A Solid-State drive (called SSP, for Solid State Pump) is a sub-segment of an MCA drive. Instead of pushing an object by means of magnetic fields, an SSP drive is pushing / pumping gas. It can be used to build very flat air ventilation systems and it can be used as a Gas Jet Engine (for planes and astronauts). An SSP unit consists of a process controller and an application specific actuator array.

To sum up, inside every MCA drive is an SSP controller that manages the magnetic propulsion process.

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