Our motivation


Lutz May (CEO)

Why it matters to us

We all have become aware that it is a great mistake to continue building our future on fossil fuel consuming combustion engines. We keep hearing that we have to be more mindful in how much material we consume, use, and throw away.

The implementation of the MCA technology will not only meet and exceed ambitiously set targets, but it will also allow us to expand our mobility. We will be able to move greater distances at lower cost and using less material than ever before. An MCA drive will allow us to even dream about visiting places that are not on our planet earth (space targets)


Why the MCA is important to us

Mobility is important to all of us. On the one hand we do not want to lose the freedom of movement we have become used to (driving our car, flying on vacation, visiting relatives in another country), and on the other hand we realise that we are responsible for the recent climate change. The MCA technology allows us to do both at the same time: keep and expand our mobility and freedom whilst also drastically reducing harmful emissions and waste.

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