Emission and Maintenance Free Propulsion Drives

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The magnetic propulsion technologies developed at TOMO are called: MCA (for Magnetic Cloud acceleration) and GMP (Generic Magnetic Propulsion). In comparison to the GMP propulsion technology, the MCA technology can be used for deep-space exploration.

The magnetic propulsion drives from TOMO can be used to move objects on water (floating vessels), in space (satellites), and in other mediums. There is no rotating mechanics involved which makes these drives maintenance free (no wear and tear). The propulsion drive can be placed inside the object that has to be moved or can be mounted from the outside onto the object (retrofitted).

These drives are powered with electricity only and they don’t produce any waste products (no CO2 or other harmful waste).

Besides the generated forward- and backwards propulsion force, the magnetic propulsion drives can also user controllable steering forces (into the left or right direction).

A magnetic propulsion drive can be manufactured in almost any formfactor (size) from tissue-box size to industrial shipping-container size. And its size defines the propulsion force generated.

Key Features of the MCA Propulsion Technology

  • No moving mechanics (maintenance free)
  • Does not produce any waste (environmentally friendly)
  • Easy to apply / integrate (small in size)
  • Operates completely silent (no audible noise)
  • Functions in all mediums (space, water, air, on land)
  • Scalable Technology (can be built in any size)
  • Powered with low voltage electricity (no fossil fuel)
    MCA Orion1
    MCA Orion1

    MCA Slave
    MCA Slave