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We develop and produce advanced propulsion solutions for applications in space (satellite manoeuvring and retrieving), on water (self-driving objects, smart buoys), and others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide propulsion solutions that stop harming our planet and raises the standards for long lasting and maintenance free propulsion drives. 

Based on magnetic principles we apply modern physics to further increase propulsion forces, reduces electric energy consumptions, to design compact propulson units. These propulsion units can be installed inside or from the outside (retrofitted) onto the object that has to be moved. 

The Future

As we will further increase the generated propulsion forces, the range of applications where these drives can be implemented will increase in numbers and in size. Compared to traditional propulsion solutions, the TOMO Magnetic Propulsion Drives use little raw material, are easy to build, and are maintenance free. They offer the potential to become the preferred customers for future applications on water, in the air, on land, and especially in space. 

Modern Technology at Work

At TOMO we invented magnetic principle-based propulsion solutions that are tested and in use at TOMO for several years. Our IP-portfolio has been patented on a word-wide basis and keeps growing as new solution evolve. 

You know us!

In the past the engineering team that is today working at TOMO has invented and produced magnetic-principle based, non-contact torque sensors that are in wide use in everyday products (e-bikes, motor cars, industrial products, and motorsports). 

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Tomorrow´s Motion GmbH
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Tel: +49 (0)8151 18797-30
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