Our joint project with Technical University Munich (TUM)

Research is being made on the basic functionality of a new type of electromagnetic drive technology, the Magnetic Cloud Accelerator (MCA), as a joint project between Tomorrow’s Motion (TOMO) and Technical University Munich (TUM). Funding is from the Regional Department for Development and Energy of the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs.

The main objective of the joint project is to develop a comprehensive understanding and a mathematical description of the MCA. The research focus of TOMO lies in the area of test system construction, design and manufacture, as well as the provision of the measuring environment. With the co-operation of our partners EWT and TUM it will be possible to optimise design improvements in the shortest possible time.


The Professorship of Energy Conversion Technology (EWT, https://www.ei.tum.de/ewt/; head: Prof. Herzog) is a teaching and research unit in the School of Engineering and Design (until 30.09.2021: Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

The EWT has been researching solutions for methodical support of the design and optimization process of electromagnetic components in mechatronic systems for years. One of the main research areas is the numerical calculation of two- or three-dimensional field problems (boundary value problems), in particular via the finite element analysis, and their connection with dynamic system simulations (initial value problems). The knowledge gained in this way at a very early stage of the project about the behavior of individual components in interaction with the overall system allows targeted extensions of the solution space. The knowledge gained with the aid of simulation is tested in a dedicated drive laboratory.

Further research areas include reliability and fault tolerance of electric drive trains, stationary inductive power transfer, and energy and power management in mobile and stationary applications.